The Mushroom Oak

By Revvilo, April 5th, 2019

Last Updated: April 8th, 2019

A massive oak tree that I built as a sort of "WOAH LOOK AT THIS TREE" kind of thing when you come across it in the world.

  • 100% vanilla - uses sea lanterns as a 'mystical' light source, so MC 1.8 or higher is required.
  • Generates very rarely in places oak trees normally do
  • Cannot be grown with saplings by default
  • Leaf decay is turned OFF for this structure by default to avoid lag and the disfiguring of the leaves. I hope to build one that will not require this in the future.
    • Sure, this means that you can't harvest it like normal, but it does allow for some cool base building opportunities ;) Jerry's tree, anyone?

Changelog: (Make sure to delete the old file if updating)

  • v2
    • Lowered the spawn chance even more, as it was still a bit too common. Let me know if you feel like it's still too common.
  • v3 - Important
    • I've swapped out the generator for "Natural" (basically just a rare structure) instead of "Tree".
      • [Edit] Turns out this doesn't affect world gen lag, but it will make the structure more consistent since it's more of an adventure structure than shrubbery.
    • Enabled Blocking for the structure
    • Changed the spawn chance to where it feels just right. Hopefully, it's just at the point to where if you get a big enough Forest biome you have a good chance of getting more than one.