Village Building Pack

By 0xebjc, June 2nd, 2021

Last Updated: June 2nd, 2021

Carefully selected and modified buildings for a very nice village generation. Spawned villagers in structures for a more populated village. Some of the original village structures from the recurrent complex mod have been modified either to change their frequency of generation, or also some were adapted better to fit specific biomes, such as desert. I found through trial and error that more small building structures generate well and to avoid large buildings that cause issues in a well populated set of village buildings.

Adds a 3 Blacksmiths, 2 Bakeries, Village Weapons & Armory Market, Houses, Inn, Wizards Floating House, Farm, 2 churches, 2 small castles / town halls, pub, mine, cemetery, library, mansion, estate, additional desert and savanna buildings, etc...

I've included these other submissions with minor changes to generation frequency to match this entire pack : Large Village Library - By RabidOtter, Golem Factory - By RabidOtter, Paper Makers House - By RabidOtter, Benji's Adventure Pack I - By BenjI ( only used some selected buildings), 15 Level Active Mine in Most Villages - By 0xebjc, Village Cemetery (VillageCryptHaunted) - By 0xebjc,

There are a bunch of buildings that I forget where they came from, either friends made or online sources. Also, I did a long time ago download some of these schematics from here,, and these files are included in this pack, I did have to import schematics and convert to recurrent complex formatted files: By Thaylar

Even if you use this pack, I'd recommend downloading the above submissions to give them the download credit as well.

Recurrent Complex Config Changes! In the mod options, config, under "Decorations" change the following: baseVillageSpawnWeight = 20 baseWeight_village = 20

Required Mods: None

Recommended Mods: Used light sources blocks from the following torchmaster:feral_flare_lantern - Torchmaster_1.12.2- quark:blaze_lantern - Quark-r1.6-179.jar elevatorid:elevator_brown - ElevatorMod-1.12.2-1.4.2.jar

Not using these mods will should only result in these blocks missing otherwise, shouldn't have any issues. The Floating Wizard house uses the elevator mod blocks to access the house from the village ground level, again not needed, but more convenient.

Open, and extract files into your minecraft folder in this subfolder "\structures\active"

Feel free to reuse any of these uploads, no permission needed. Feel free to re-post, but would appreciate if you would give credit and reference this page with a link to this resource, thanks.

Cheers! 0xebjc