Village Cemetery (PeacefulCrypt) Modified (VillageCryptHaunted)

By 0xebjc, May 6th, 2021

Last Updated: May 8th, 2021

This was an original structure provided with Recurrent Complex (PeacefulCrypt), original author is Dominic and I got Ivorforce's permission to repost with credit to original author?

I did make some changes to the graves with stone placement, and wall and gates to pen in some surprises. I made some changes, both crypts, original and this modified one, spawn randomly in the world, this one is not peaceful. Additionally, this one also spawns 40-60% of the time in villages.

Open, and copy structure file into your minecraft folder in this subfolder "\structures\active"

I hope you enjoy a little more of a spooky village. :)

Cheers! 0xebjc