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Generates building similar of the designs of WOW. Generates mostly in the correct biomes both randomly and in villages, Dwarf in cold mountains and hills, Elves in jungle and swamp, Human in deep forest, and Orc in hot dry lands.

Structures originally from this link, says OK to repost, but give credit.

Required Mods: Mods that are used in these structures Quark-r1.6-179.jar (Needed or blocks will be missing) torchmaster_1.12.2- (Recommended)

I used some additional blocks from Quark mod, such as prismarine stairs for the Human roofs, recommend using these structures with Quark mod. I rebuilt the structures, fixed structure generation by adding an inverted pyramid of natural blocks and fixed up a few things. added villagers so they generate populated. Torchmaster is used for the lanterns on the buildings :)

Open, and extract files into your minecraft folder in this subfolder "\structures\active"

Feel free to reuse any of my uploads, no permission needed. Feel free to re-post, I would appreciate if you would give credit and reference this page with a link to this resource, thanks.

Cheers! 0xebjc






By 0xebjc, 8 Days Ago
\[Generation\], (Natural) - \[Edit\]

then change for example (frequent) - (common) or (common) - (adventure)

I don't recommend reducing past adventurer or you'll really not see there structures, they won't get generated enough.

By 0xebjc, 8 Days Ago

NOTE: if you find that your wold gen lag had gone up too much, you can edit each structure and reduce their generation, for example doing this /#edit WOW_dwarf_watchtower click on the following